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Woman's breast look like 'crab claws' from botched boob job as she looks to get them corrected. A WOMAN who hated her flat chest finally decided to have a boob job - but was left with breasts which looked like "crab claws" when the.

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By Mugal - 11:55
Emily went in for a routine breast augmentation surgery. A few weeks later, she had "crab claws" for breasts.
By Totaxe - 02:05
A year-old woman whose boobs never developed gets breast implants, and it goes terribly wrong! Hear why she wants to look normal.
By Kejar - 16:11
The Breast Ripper, known in another form as the Iron Spider or simply The Spider​, was a torture instrument mainly used on women who were accused of adultery or self-performed abortion. The instrument was designed to rip the breasts from a woman and was made contained four claws, which were used to slowly rip the breasts from women.

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